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Flash Intro for Triple Creek Ranch

Don't confuse emotions with feelings. In this example from the book, we show how Triple Creek Ranch engages all fives senses right from the homepage. Finally a Flash based intro with a purpose? You decide.

From Page 93

Appealing to the Senses
Using words and pictures that engage the five senses also elicits emotional responses our brains find hard to ignore. Think about the Corona homepage: the crack of a beer bottle opening (and the drinker's subsequent "aahhh"), the rush of the ocean breeze, the crash of the waves on the beach - all invite our senses to experience euphoric relaxation. For boomers, engaging their senses is especially important because, in their world, it is all about the sensations of the entire experience.

Immersion Active developed the website for Triple Creek Ranch, a lavish getaway in the Montana Rockies. After spending time at the ranch, we knew that its website needed to reflect the true feel of this luxury resort. The intro animation encompasses the serenity of nature, through the sounds of mountain winds and rushing streams, to the sumptuousness of the Triple Creek experience, by showing a crackling cabin fire and a mouth-watering gourmet dish. All of a user's five senses are engaged in this extravagant, dream-like display.

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