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"I would prefer to remember Sally Field as the Flying Nun than a hawker for BONIVA." This represents the general sentiments of the many bloggers that make up the first several pages of results on Google for the term "Sally Field BONIVA". In Dot Boom, we share how Rouche and GlaxoSmithKline do an admirable job of positioning the boomer icon with their osteoporosis brand. That said, we do feel that this campaign scores low on our MOE Scorecard in the areas of Thought Trust, Creative Authority and Creative Commitment - all brand-related criteria. Additionally, we think there is a big missed opportunity to act on a Feedback Loop - an essential element in deploying a boomer campaign. Watch the short documentary-style video on Sally's quest for bone health.

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Using Nostalgia Appropriately
Effective nostalgic references evoke positive emotions related to how boomers felt during an earlier period of their lives. They don't infer that the consumer would be better off if they were again living in that era or were that age. Simply playing music from the '60s and having actors rock out doesn't cut it. Boomers generally want to be portrayed as they are now - not as guitar heroes getting some love from a cute, young blonde.

But cultural icons that are relevant to boomer's lives today do work.

Roche Laboratories and GlaxoSmithkline use Sally Field as their spokesperson for BONIVA, a treatment for osteoporosis. Field serves as an authentic spokesperson because boomer women can relate to her as a cultural icon from their formative years, but also because she is speaking to them as a woman who is facing the same disease. Through the website (, boomer women can sign up for MyBONIVA, a free program with reminders, a newsletter, and inspirational messages from Sally Field. Using boomers within your campaign is effective, if you portray them as being relevant to the issues and concerns boomers face today.

Behind the scenes with Sally Field:

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