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The baby boomer generation is deeply engaged with everything the Internet has to offer — they email, use search engines, shop, research, download...but when it comes to channels like social media, they can be a bit elusive.

Does that make boomers any less likely to engage with your brand online?

Absolutely not.

Position your brand to meaningfully engage baby boomers online and produce results reflective of the Web's largest, wealthiest, and most underserved consumer group.

Where should you begin? With Dot Boom.

What is Dot Boom?

Dot Boom is a book written by the founding principals of Immersion Active, the only interactive agency in the United States solely focused on boomers and seniors. Dot Boom features over a dozen marketing examples, a road map for developing boomer marketing strategies, and a framework for replicating your success. It also explores a developmental approach to marketing, which facilitates a deeper emotional connection between your marketing message and its target boomer consumers. Learn more about the book, read reviews, or download sample chapters to preview.

What You'll Find in This Section:

  • A list of "things you will find only in Dot Boom"
  • Examples of marketing to boomers from the book
  • An interactive "Engagement Scorecard" that allows you to predict the results of your next online campaign targeting boomers

What's Next? Read more about The Book.

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