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Dudes to Dads: U.S. Men' s Attitudes Toward Life, Family, Work

Immersion Active was recently featured in Ad Age Insights Trend Report, Dudes to Dads: U.S. Men’s Attitudes Toward Life, Family, Work. How cultural, economic and societal shifts are affecting how men approach home, career and leisure time, and what that means for marketing to them. The special feature, “Boomers and the Internet” highlights how there is not a lot of attention or money spent online marketing to the mature male. 

Millennials may get all the attention,but older men use the internet too. That’s a message being lost on many who market online to consumers over 50.

“Most of the interest [from marketers] we see in boomers is in boomer women,” said David Weigelt, president of Immersion Active, which specializes in online marketing to those 50-plus, and author of “Dot Boom: Marketing to Baby Boomers Through Meaningful Online Engagement.” “There is still a mind-set that men die first and women keep living. There is not a lot of attention or money spent on men.” So those promoting things like retirement communities, financial or health-care services focus on females. “But the reality is, men are living longer, and boomer men are living healthier.”

The good news is that doesn’t require a whole lot of change in messaging. As people age, “there is less discernment between males and females hormonally,” said Weigelt. “Psychologically, we grow more androgynous as we get older,” so campaigns should take that tone. Fifty-plus couples often make purchasing decisions together.

Men over 50 are information seekers online, doing a lot of research visiting news, sports, health and finance sites and using email heavily, his agency has learned. “They’re very willing to inquire and find out more, and they will stay engaged with a brand if they feel it’s adding value.”

The elements that work best to attract 50-plus men to spend time on a site are color, readability and usability, he said. Most important is making an emotional connection on the landing page, using storytelling. Long-form videos placed at the top left of the page will draw them in, and unlike bullet-point loving younger consumers, these men respond to long-form copy on Page 1.

Typical advertising missteps for the boomer? Appealing to machismo is one, but “the biggest mistake is men being totally ignored,” said Weigelt.

For the full report of Dudes to Dads: U.S. Men’s Attitudes Toward Life, Family, Work visit http://adage.com/trend-reports/report.php?id=66

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