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Founded by David Weigelt and Jonathan Boehman, Immersion Active has been building websites and Internet marketing campaigns since 1998. But several years into our work with organizations such as CitiFinancial, the U.S. Navy, and Baltimore Ravens we felt something was missing.

It Hit Us With a Bang!

Well, a boom, actually. For years we had talked about the importance of the user in our work, but our business model never allowed us to dig deep with any specific group of consumers. After committing to refocus on the consumer, choosing one wasn't really that hard. Enter the largest, wealthiest, and most underserved online group — the 50+ markets.

What's Age Got to Do With It?

Everything. Boomers and seniors share the same core needs that all people do but that's where the similarity ends. As we age, how we go about satisfying those needs changes dramatically. Our research has revealed some surprising discoveries about motivation, online behavior, and preferences of the various segments of 50-plus consumers. Appealing to these individuals online takes a unique approach focused on fulfilling these needs.

What's Next?

Today we're the only Internet marketing agency in the U.S. focused exclusively on the baby boomer and senior markets. Through our needs-based approach, we've been able to demystify the thought processes of baby boomers and create a systematic approach to engaging older web users. And our framework for Meaningful Online Engagement (MOE) results in relationships that are as rewarding for the brand as they are for the consumer.

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